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UX design can be explained in different ways in relation to different things. If we look at the basic UX concept, it is all about giving a good experience to the users when they make use of your product. When we relate it to the business, it is about the loyalty and the customer satisfaction which is provided when the users or customers interact with the product with ease and make the best use of it. If we look at the different definitions of the UX Design we will see that everyone has a different perception towards it with a similar goal that is enhancing the user’s experience when they make use of the product. UX Design is basically to make products better, delightful, easy to use, and beneficial with the help of the designing of the product.

In the digital world, UX design has taken an important place. Most of the companies these days are focusing on the UX Design, as it is beneficial for their business and for getting profit. Earlier, companies were not much aware of UX Design or UI. But as the digitalization has increased, companies now know its importance, and they try to use different ways to improve the user experience. UX Design is a kind of process of products designing, making them easy & beneficial to use, intuitive, and user-friendly. The companies are hiring UX Designer for making it work in the best way.

Some Factors that influence the User Experience (UX)

To make the users feel that the product which they are using is valuable and is best to use, there are few things which are required. These things influence the user experience by making the product valuable.

  • Usable: Be it any product or any website or any application, it should be easy to use. One should not face a problem in using it.
  • Desirable: To make the website or the product desirable, the companies should focus on its designing elements, brand, the identity of the product, and the image of the product. All these things will make the product desirable by making the customer feel connected to it.
  • Useful: When we say useful, it matters a lot. Because until and unless the product or the website or the application is not useful for the users, they may not go for it. Ensuring that the product is fulfilling a need of the users is very important.
  • Findable: The product should be approachable easily, be it offsite or onsite. The users should be able to locate the product or the content without any problem.
  • Accessible: The users should be able to easily access the content or the product. When we say accessible, we mean that it should be accessible by all the users, even the ones with the disabilities also.
  • Credible: The product should be trustworthy and for that sharing the right information is important. The product should represent the information on which the user can believe and trust, as they are going to utilize it.

These factors which we have explained above were mentioned in the User Experience Honeycomb by Peter Morville.

Benefits of User Experience Design (UX)

Be it any product, any service, or any web application or a website, the competition has increased for all. That is why it is important to have a product or a website which can fulfill the user’s expectations. Designing the products according to the user’s needs and their usability pattern is beneficial for every organization. Understanding the user’s help in designing the product in a better way. Let’s see what all benefits one can get with the help of UX Design.

  • Customer Retention – Retaining the customer these days is very important. As no one would like to lose a valuable customer, who has used your product before as well. For customer retention, the companies should try to work on the designing of the product in an innovative way. Companies should first try to know their customer’s pattern of using any product or buying any product. They should try to know what customers think about the product. Based on it, companies can try to make the product better. Like if we talk about digital products, then companies should try to bring more advanced technologies with simple features to use. This will help in making the users use your products for the long term. There is a lot of competition when it comes to this area for social apps as well as dating apps. If someone is a regular user on a Meet and Fuck site, but another hook up site with better UX comes along offering the same services it will be a quick switch.
  • Increase in productivity – When the users will appreciate the product and its designing, it will enhance productivity. UX Design leads to make the products more productive by following different designing techniques and users’ views. This makes the UX Design improve overall productivity. This will also increase the number of users or customers.
  • Lower the bounce rates – By saying bounce rates we mean the customers or the users leaving your product or your website. It generally happens because of poor designing and improper or incomplete information. If the users are not satisfied with the kind of service or products you are delivering, it will not take them much time to move to another company’s product. But with the help of UX Design, one can lower the bounce rates, by making a product or web application or a website attractive and usable.
  • Low Cost – If the businesses will adopt the UX Design approach initially only, they will not have to get into the redesigning process. Redesigning can include different things, like the image of the product, brand name, information shared with the users, designing, and other such things. If the business will hire a UX Designer before only, they will be able to save themselves from poor designing. Redesigning costs a lot, and that is when the UX Design is helpful.
  • Increase in Sales – When the UX Design is perfect and is according to the user’s needs, there will be an increase in sales. As users like the products which are more interactive, informative, and are easy to use. If the users find the product intuitive and usable, there will be more conversions, leading to an increase in sales.

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